Klick fast and stud mount for the G1/D5/Z5 Cameras

Klickfast Dock & Stud Attachment For The D5/ Mini Body Cameras. Also the G1/Z5 Cameras. [INSTRUCTIONS] First of all slide the stud out of the dock, if it's hard to slide out attach the stud to the camera first, you may have to rotate it. once you've done that Unscrew the nuts from the dock & Pierce the back of clothing with the back piece of the dock slide on the front part of the dock screw on the brass coloured nuts provided. WARNING please be careful not to prick yourself with the pointed thread. Slide on the stud attachment to the camera, slide on the camera to the doc with the open end of the stud down then rotate round until the camera is level. To take off the stud from the doc simply rotate the camera to the upsidedown position and lift off. there's footage on YouTube how to do this on line.

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