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At Guardian G1 we listen to our Clients/Customers and understand their needs, our technical support team will be with you until the very end. Everything we do as a company is based on reinforcing our position as the most responsive solution provider in the Body Cameras and security products. Independent studies have shown that the use of body-worn cameras can reduce incidents and risk by over 50%. In case things go wrong video footage is one of the best forms of evidence. G1 Body Cameras are easy to use and comfortable BWC solution for the non-tech-savvy, yet our cameras deliver the highest quality video evidence whenever necessary. We offer our unique Guardian G1 branded products all tested and approved by CE protection standards and ourselves. Please take a look at our gallery below and click on the photos for more info.
If there's nothing here listed that is not suitable for you please contact us and we will find a body camera to suit your needs.