[STRONG STEEL PLATES] - The plates are made from very strong tungsten steel plates and there are 27 plates on the front and back of the vest, and they all overlap each other. The plates are level 1 stab proof which will take the force of 24 Joules kinetic Energy which is the equivalent to 253KG of force. Protection area is 0.3 square meters. The dimensions are 100mm Height / 50mm Length / 0.6mm Thickness. [FRONT & BACK POCKET] - There is a large pocket on the front and the back of the vest making enough room in them to add additional protection eg...bullet proof plates. Dimensions of the pockets - 25CM x 30CM. Also SECURITY is Embroidered on the front pocket so people can identify who you are when using the vest as a outer garment [LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE] - The weight of the vest is 2.7KG allowing you to wear the vest for long periods of time without it causing discomfort. The vest is very flexible so you'll be able move around freely without it preventing you from doing your job. [ADJUSTABLE STRAPS] - The vest has two adjustable straps over the shoulder and one large adjustable strap over the stomach area. The Velcro on these straps are very tough and Quality made. The vest is adjustable from M-XXL size, the vests outer material is made from strong Oxford cloth which is weatherproof proof and easy to wash wipe clean. [WETHER PROOF CARRY BAG] The vest also comes with it's own carry bag made out of a wether proof material keeping the vest clean and dry when not in use. [ABOUT THE VEST] This stab resistant/proof vest is well made and at an affordable price. The vest is level 1 stab and slash resistant/proof NOT SPIKEPROOF but it will offer some protection from a spike Attack with it's strong steel plates inside which will ensure your safety. The vest will cover your back, chest, and your abdominal. The body size of this vest is between M - XXL.This vest is perfect for door men/women supervisors, security guards. We are NOT responsible for your safety when using this vest we Cannot guarantee protection in every knife attack when using this vest, It is knife resistant not proof. We have a online video to show the effectiveness of this vest. We also recommend only using this vest while standing so not to alter the position of the inserts.[CLEANING] Only hand wash and hang dry the outer vest, the inner protective plate only hand wipe clean.

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We are not responsible for the person using this vest, you wear this vest at your own risk. 

We have made a YouTube video showing the affectedness of this product we cannot guarantee it will protect you in all knife attacks. 

It only protects your back, abdominal and chest area, in other words the area where the plates are covered. The plates inside the vest are not guaranteed to stop a knife but it should slow it down.