This covert Camera only fits the 2, 3 generation G1, D5, Z5. Not the fourth generation with the C type USB port. This can be used for the G1(third generation 128gb), Z5, D5 body cameras, Resolution is 720p with one button record and infrared. The Audio can be turned on/off with one press of a button. Also it's clipped on using a crocodile clip. The infrared needs to be turned on auto in the camera settings for the infrared on the covert camera to work. The front button on the covert camera is the mute audio button, the ones at the sides are the record buttons.The G1 mini camera is a great accessory made for all our body camera’s, All you need to do is simply plug the lead into the USB port on the body cam, then the view on the body camera will automatically change from the body camera to the mini camera. This camera is much smaller in size to the G1 camera’s and very lightweight at only 46 Grams. FEATURES OF THE BRIFIELD MINI CAMERA - 720p HD - Night vision - Built in microphone - Lightweight at only 80 grams - Just plug in and the view will automatically switch to theMini camera - Clip at the back to clip to clothing

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