FREE MINI COVERT CAMERA WITH THIS ORDER [LONG BATTERY LIFE] - The Z5 comes with two Removable batteries, and software that makes them last up to 20 hours when combined together. It takes 4 hours to fully charge each battery and has a standby time of 24 hours. Here is the average life under different recording resolutions when on H.264 Format - (1512p 13.5 h) (1440p - 14 Hours) (1296p - 15 hours) (1080p 18 - Hours) (720p 19 - Hours) ( 20 hours 480p) when using GPS & infrared night vision, the battery life/time will be lower [ULTRA WIDE 160 DEGREE ANGLE LENS] - With the Z5 mini you will be able to capture everything that's in front of you while maintaining a High Definition resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions about this body camera, we will get back to you in under an hour. Customer service contact details are in the manual. [FULL HD 1440p @30FPS] - Stunning high definition recordings at a smooth 30fps frame rate, perfect for catching every detail needed. The next step up from the 1296p body camera and much clearer. Also features a huge 40MP camera, with this you will be able to take ultra clear shots at both day and at night, you can take pictures while the Z5 is recording by pressing the camera button once. [CLEAR NIGHT VISION] - The night vision can clearly see faces up to 10 meters away even if its pitch black outside, and that's without the IR on. The Z5 has 4 Infrared lights on the front which creates a white vision that improves the visibility even more. Also has a bright LED light that can be turned on just in case you need that extra light. The night vision can also automatically turn itself ON / OFF from light to dark areas.[BUILT IN GPS] - The GPS mode which will track where you are so if you need evidence of your location then this has you covered. All you need to do is turn on the GPS mode within the settings then once you have recorded a video the latitude and longitude position will show on your video footage alongside the time & date (The GPS will only work outdoors) [OVERVIEW] The Z5 body camera works perfectly for security guards, doormen, emergency services. The Z5 Body camera is over 2cm smaller than most leading body cameras and compatible with windows 7-10 & Mac (NOT VISTA). It is a complete package with all the accessories you'll need like the chest harness, Magnetic mount & one body clips, it's klickfast compatible and with a built in 64GB memory card. All charging equipment needed. The Z5 is IP66 weatherproof and has a 2 Inch LCD viewing Screen. The Z5 also has the option of the new H.265 video coding in the settings for even better quality recording. The Z5 has a keylock function so no accidental or unauthorised access to interrupt recording (While recording press and hold the record button for two seconds that will activate the keylock, repeat to deactivate). Also a password lock feature so people can't access the internal settings or recorded files without having the password. The Z5 recorded files also can't be deleted on the device itself it has to be done on a computer. There is also an ID stamp on the screen at all times, the ID can be changed to identify each member of staff so you know who's using the camera. [IMPORTANT INFORMATION] PLEASE NOTE THE ATTACHMENTS ROTATE so when using the chest harness the Z5 will rotate to the Vertical position. Also to enter the menu settings please press the (M) button then enter the factory password by pressing the (OK) button 6 times, this password can be changed in the settings. If your camera is showing memory full when you have deleted footage you just need to format it, on PC right click on camera driver select format, on Mac Go to disk utility and choose EX FAT and erase. [DIMENSIONS] H-80mm, W-30.7mm, L-56mm, Weight 175g [IN THE BOX] 1 x Z5 BODY CAMERA 1 x CHARGING DOCK 2 X BATTERY 1 x USB LEAD 1 x UK 3 PIN PLUG 1 x CROCODILE CLIP 1 x CHEST HARNESS 1 x MAGNETIC MOUNT 1 x USER MANUAL 1 X KLICKFAST STUD 2 x LENS WARNING STICKERS

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