[FULL HD 1512p @30FPS] - Stunning high definition recordings at a smooth 30fps frame rate, perfect for catching every detail needed. The next step up from a 1080p body camera and much clearer. Also features a huge 40MP camera, with this you will be able to take ultra clear shots at both day and at night, you can take pictures while the G1 is recording by pressing the camera button once. [BUILT IN GPS] - The GPS mode which will track where you are so if you need evidence of your location then this has you covered. All you need to do is turn on the GPS mode within the settings then once you have recorded a video the latitude and longitude position will show on your video footage alongside the time & date. (The GPS will only work outdoors). [H.265 VIDEO CODING FORMAT] H.265 is the new upgrade from H.264. It provides higher quality video recordings and takes up less memory, compresses files more efficiently and encodes videos at a lower bitrate. More details are in the manual. These cameras may have scratches on the body and they have been tested, and in working order and will not reflect the quality of the recording. With 6 months warranty, NO 14 RETURNS.

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